The Havana collection is the crowning of every garden and patio

Light charcoal aluminium frame with steel legs, together with comfortable cushions make the ultimate modern design.

Orange throw pillows combined with white seats make a set pleasing to the eye- however, this is only our offer.

Change your terrace into a place for rest thanks to our Havana furniture. Create a cosy place where you can relax in the summer, drinking cold lemonade with friends.

The Havana set can be placed anywhere according to your preferences. Special connectors will hold the pieces of furniture in the optional configuration, and if there is a need for change, they can be reconfigured at any time.

The set can also be an alternative for a cafe, changing a room by giving it an amazing sense of softness as well as comfort. It will not only make drinking coffee even more pleasant but also convince clients to come back more willingly and more often.