The hardest European wood

Our furniture will become an invaluable part of any living room, terrace or garden. Extensive, comfortable places for rest will add dignity and solemnity to every interior.

Solid constructions make glamorous places which, at the same time, will favour relaxation and clearing one's mind.

All our collections are distinguished by interesting and elegant stylistics. They are soft and done with style but, at the same time, comfortable functional and practical. However, we also make our designs thinking about reasonable prices and durability and thus we create long-lasting furniture that is easy to maintain.

Everyone will find something for themselves in our offer. We have products for the lovers of minimalism and simplicity as well as for more romantic souls. We offer garden, terrace, hotel, bar and pool furniture.

We want to meet the requirements of our clients, who have different needs, tastes and dreams, by presenting them a varied offer. It is made for the people who want to make their homes look more beautiful and their lives be more pleasant.

What is more, you can add practical accessories to each collection. They include deck chairs, bars, benches, footstools or chests for pillows.

The hardest European wood

Beautiful and functional for many years

Because of its advantages, Robinia wood is used for building bridges, playgrounds, posts, masts and sports equipment. Robinia is a valuable wood with its light colour, toughness and resistant to decay. Beautiful and warm colour of Robinia is in perfect harmony with any garden scenery full of green.

Spinoff elements such as tannins, gums, resin or essential oils positively influence the durability of the wood. Tannins are natural preservatives preventing the decay of wood. Others, such as resin are a kind of mechanical obstacle that prevent the spacial growth of fungus inside the wood.

And this is not everything. Thanks to the use of a repellent ( on the basis of oil and wax), you can enjoy the perfect look of every piece of furniture for long, without worrying about the troubling maintenance or the change of the original look. Such repellent not only protects and maintains our furniture, but also makes the beauty of Robinia's natural structure apparent.

We guarantee the highest quality of our products and we trust that you will share the satisfaction of our clients.

Beautiful and functional for many years