Materials we use

We choose the materials that our furniture is made from very carefully. We care not only about their look, but also about their quality and durability.


The wood (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) is acquired only from Polish woods. It is valued for its durability as well as beautiful structure.


Batyline is a net coated with PVC on the basis of polyester fibre. It ensures excellent dimensional stability of the fabric. The material, even after long use, does not distort and preserves its smoothness.

Batyline material is characterized by:

  • resistance to UV radiation, 
  • resistance to mould and microorganisms
  • resistance to tearing, 
  • the ease of maintenance, 
  • airiness, 
  • flexibility. 


It is used for the production of framing and, due to its great mechanical resistance, works great in places where the movement is most intense. Furniture with metal frames are is most often used in hotels, restaurants and in buildings of historic nature.


Aluminium which is used for the production of frames is characterized by:

  • resistance to UV radiation, 
  • resistance to mould, microorganisms, moisture and rust, 
  • ease of maintenance - because of its smoothness and shine, it does not attract dust or sand,
  • being safe and non-flammable, 
  • its high durability and thus it is resistant to cracks, 
  • being environmentally friendly- aluminium is ecological- it can be fully reused and its recycling requires little amount of energy, 
  • being a light material, 
  • innovative look.


  • covers made from dralon (100% acrylic),  
  • filled with 8 cm foam of high grammage, 
  • the material is additionally impregnated with teflon, increasing its resistance do dirt and moisture, 
  • they have regulated headrests and zips ( which allow the cover to be taken off)