Furniture trimming

We know that details are the most important. That is why each stage of production is important for us and the technology is still being improved. Here are the reasons why our furniture leaves the competition far behind. 

Powder painting

Powder varnishing  is a technology that involves coating metal elements with paint in the form of powder, and hardening the surface. Elements painted in such a way are characterize by high resistance to corrosion and attractive look for a long time.  

Powder paints are fully safe for people and the environment, they have certificate allowing them to have contact with food and water. Harmful solvents are not used in the process of painting. Paint is spread only once and the thickness of the layer is comparable to three layers of solvent paints. The process of hardening the surface does not include the emission of any harmful substances into atmosphere.


Two stage sanding

Why is our furniture so smooth? Unlike our competition, we polish our furniture mechanically and manually. The result is perfect smoothness- we are sure that our children will not get injured while playing in the garden.


Wrought frames

We have our own locksmith workshop where we make frames used for production of our furniture. By processing and bending them manually, we give them individual nature and look.



The exceptional  composition of lasures made to our order is ensured by the formula based on oil and wax. Such repellent not only protects and maintains our furniture but also makes the beauty of  Robinia's natural wood apparent.



Each of our products is packed separately in a corrugated cardboard box of high durability so that our products get to your gardens safely.