In the interests of natural environment

The primary material used for the production of our furniture is Robinia Pseudoacacia wood, obtained and processed while preserving all the standards and rules of FSC.

In the interests of natural environment we looked to provide all our products with FSC certificate that popularizes rational and renewable forest management all over the world.

When you buy our product you are sure that the wood used for its production does not come from:

  • forests where tradition and civil laws are violated,
  • forests of specific natural values,
  • genetically modified tress,
  • illegal acquisition,
  • natural forest that has been changed into a plantation or an area that has other purposes than forests,
  • crops grown with the use of dangerous chemical fertilizers.
In the interests of natural environment

Your choice matters

Moreover, by using FSC we abide by the employees rights, caring for the good of local community.

The choice of our products means supporting the broad range of natural environment protection programs, negating the illegal overexploitation of forests leading to impoverishment of forest ecosystems' biodiversity all over the world.

By buying products with FSC certificate you support responsible forest management. You know that your purchase does not contribute to destroying forests across the globe and does not support companies that violate human rights.

Your choice matters...

Your choice matters