About our furniture

All of our garden furniture was made from Robinia Pseudoacacia. The wood is characterized by unique resistance to changing weather conditions, characteristic for our climate zone. The beautiful and warm colour of the acacia is in perfect harmony with garden scenery full of green. Our furniture bring an original and warm atmosphere to every garden.

All our collections are characterized by interesting and elegant style. They are functional, practical and easy to maintain.

Thanks to the use of a repellent ( on the basis of oil and wax) you can enjoy the perfect look of your furniture without worrying about its bothersome care or the possible change of the original look. In order for the furniture to maintain its original look, we encourage you to place it under the roof or to use protecting covers.

ATTENTION! Do not cover damp furniture!

As the producer, we recommend refreshing the wooden elements of the furniture every year by using the oil available in our offer.

We guarantee the highest quality of our products and we trust that you will share the satisfaction of our clients.

Accessories made for the furniture. Ready for everything

It is great to make other things even greater. That is the task given to our accessories that are also offered as additions to our collections.

Pleasing to the eye. And the body.

Materials used for production of cushions have been chosen in such a way to give you a sense of luxury and comfort. The cushions are perfectly fitted to each of the pieces of furniture and both Sunbrella® and Dralon® fabrics that cover them are made from 100% acrylic fibers. These durable and functional fabrics are perfect for outdoor furniture. Among very few companies, we additionally impregnate them with teflon, thanks to which they are resistant to rain, dirt and different temperatures.  

Meanwhile, we owe the unique softness of our cushions to the use of special polymer and neoprene fillings. They are soft and elastic at the same time- when you sit in an armchair or on a sofa with such filling, the seat bends a little and it adjusts to its user's body. The patented system of channels drains water from the cushions and even after heavy rains the pieces of furniture are ready for use.

Game of colours 

Absolutely fashionable piano black or timeless arctic white. Or maybe juicy red or electric blue? Everyone will find something for themselves in our palette of colours. We offer fabrics with both toned and live colours. We also offer different materials: from delicate, natural cotton to the latest achievements of textile industry- Sunbrella®, Dralon® or Batyline®.

Accessories of grat importance

In our accessories department we also offer pieces of furniture that complement our collections. Deck chairs- very extensive and comfortable- are among the biggest available in the market. They are also practical- they have wheels that make them easy to be placed wherever needed. Deckchair has got a comfortable footstool, comfortable and wide armrests and five-step regulation of inclination. It can be folded and it has got wheels- using it is pure pleasure. Practical and elegant chest for keeping cushions, garden or barbecue accessories has got pneumatic lifts so it opens safely and softly. We also offer a rocking chair and raised floor made from beautiful Robinia wood. With our accessories you can enchant your garden!